I’m a certified coach who specializes in personal resilience. I help people who experience adversity to bounce back, so they come away from the experience with more confidence, courage and a renewed sense of vitality. My professional tools include one-on-one and group coaching, nature-based practices, and evidence-based change models.

3 Simple Activities in Nature to Boost Your Clarity & Resilience

I’m sharing 3 of my foundational nature-based practices here to help you start engaging with the natural world.

Benefits of Resilience Coaching Through Nature

Inspire Positive Transformation In Your Life

Increase Your self - awareness and personals insight

Self identify blocks, challenges and opportunities

Reach your authentic life purpose, vision and goals

Deepens your connection to nature

Do you feel disconnected
due to:

  • Busy schedules that keep you going in multiple directions
  • Life events that throw you off balance and make you feel like you have no control
  • Technology eliminating more and more of your in-person interactio

Create a fulfilled life that is about connection

  • With your authentic self and personal life path
  • Sharing in a relationship with others
  • With something larger than yourself (like community and the universe), and with nature