April’s Theme: Opening to Inspiration

All thinking begins with wonder.” -Socrates (Greek philosopher)

Enchantment is the medicine for the mundane world.” -Rich Silver (Ecopsychologist)

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away.” -Anonymous

“Inspiration is that spark that feeds our joy.”

As I write this newsletter I notice that I am struggling to conjure my own personal inspiration to share with you now. I’m just noticing and accepting – recognizing that life is like the ocean’s tide, changing with ebbs and flows. Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. To use more metaphors, sometimes inspiration flows like a steady river and other times it hides under a rock. I suggest that you just notice the pattern of your inspiration, and capture those flowing moments by journaling or creating mantras that capture your spark and enthusiasm, feeding your joy. You can then revisit these inspirations when your energies are low with life’s events.

Fortunately, this month’s short video (https://youtu.be/JoD_mAQidb8) was created during an adventurous camping trip to Yosemite National Park in October last year. Strangely – I found my ‘October Self’ inspiring my present ‘April Self’. Where do you find your inspiration? I find my inspiration in places, people and things. At places like Yosemite, local public lands, or my own backyard. With people like children, parents, couples in healthy relationships, and wise elders. In things like an odd rock on the trail, a butterfly in January, or an aspen seedling breaking the soil’s surface. And ‘Yes’ – we can also find inspiration in ourselves!

There are many simple ways to find YOUR inspiration, with the easiest and most effective way to be outside in nature! Here are some additional ways provided by journalist John Boitnott:

1. Write all your ideas down, the good, the bad and the ugly

2. Read, expand your knowledge, never stop learning

3. Find new surroundings

4. Broaden your horizons and travel

5. Ask around, gain different perspectives

6. Hit the gym, getting physical

7. Clear away distractions (put the cell phone in airplane mode)

8. Question all assumptions

9. Focus on yourself with self-care

10. Have quiet time (meditate, reflect, be alone)

11. Pump up the music (we’ve all been there)

12. Evaluate your goals (are your efforts focused in the right direction?)

13. Don’t analyze, play with it

14. Be creative in many ways (paint, poetry, music etc.)

15. Be the dumbest person in the room (surround yourself with smart people)

16. Simplify

Which of these simple things resonate strongly with you? Which might you consider doing the next time you seek to be inspired?

In my nature-connected coaching work, I always recognize that my client’s commitment to realize those desired changes in their life requires personal inspiration. Everyone has to be mentally sparked to first feel and then make changes that improve their life. I invite you to seek and notice your inspiration for it is a full expression of the brilliant person you are here to be!

ASK YOURSELF: Do you allow yourself the space to notice where your inspiration is found? How can you “re-magic” your life right now?

To dig a little deeper into the nature of inspiration, see this short video about opening to our inspiration.

I am grateful for you, your inspiration toward personal growth, and your desires to connect with nature!

Transformational life coaching can bridge the gap between where you are NOW, and where you WANT to be! Allow Nature to assist your process with Nature-connected Coaching.

Do you have questions? Let’s schedule our Awareness Break-through Session that will provide you crystal clarity on your challenges and commitment level to move forward. During the break-through session we can explore if we might be a good fit to work together.

Be well, wise, and connected to Nature!

Mindy Schlimgen

Certified Nature-connected Life Coach, Outdoor Enthusiast & Environmental Scientist


Saguaro National Park


Mindy’s ability to get right to my deeper need and facilitate an incredibly transformative coaching session was uncanny. The practical tools we created in that session together several months ago still bring me great comfort, as do the enlightenments I had during our session.” – Kelsey Conger

This past year I had the opportunity to have Mindy work with me on some life issues I was struggling to resolve. We would go to various outdoor sites and just relax in nature. Then through her targeted questions she seamlessly led me through my own thoughts and troubled feelings. I never had the feeling she was putting thoughts in my head but rather letting me discover my deeper thoughts and feelings. Then I worked through them to a positive outcome. All the while I was taking my ques from nature in our natural surroundings and how nature continues on through adverse conditions and comes back stronger, and sometimes changed, but continues on as part of the whole of its settings. Over the years I have been through counseling sessions and never had the outcome I had with Mindy’s guidance and coaching. The various mind exercises, journaling, and review of my feelings, continues as part of my daily routine. Thank you.” – Sue Craycraft