Awareness With Nature (AWN) proudly celebrates…Welcome to the 1st Newsletter Update!

January’s Theme: Practicing Gratitude

I hope you are enjoying the freshness of the New Year with reinvigorated courage and gratitude. My personal practice is to live in the present moment while approaching each day with enthusiasm, knowing there are ripe opportunities everywhere. I am grateful knowing that I will make wise use of these opportunities as they arise.

Acknowledging opportunity and practicing gratitude is also deeply integrated into my approach as a nature-connected coach. I am certain that each of us shows up in this world in our own unique way based on the attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors that we each choose. I am grateful knowing that it truly is our choice to create change in the directions we desire.

Do you choose to be grateful? To dive deeper into the benefits and nature of gratitude, see this short video on gratitude.

Being solidly grounded in nature has helped me navigate my challenges of the past year. Over the course of nine trips to Boulder (Colorado), I completed over 300 certified hours of nature-connected professional coaching training. Now I am navigating business start-up challenges of Awareness With Nature. I am very grateful for this path, opportunity, expansion of my coaching skills, and connection to people I work with. I am also grateful for you and your desires to connect with nature!

Awareness With Nature - Practicing Gratitude

2018 brings fun, transformational events!  (both locally and online)

More event details will be coming soon…

* Nature-connected experiential workshops for small groups.
* Free Meetups that include a hike, learning a new nature-connected practice, a short meditation and sharing with like-minded people.
* Online Mastermind Course (6 weeks) that will guide you in working with challenges, setting goals, and adaptively making progress while working with nature and interactively connecting with others going through the same process.
* Transformational retreats are being designed for various locations and budgets.

* Individualized Coaching Programs (https://awarenesswithnature.com/services/) can provide the guidance and support for the changes you wish to make, tailored to your needs in either short-term (1-5 sessions) or longer-term programs (6 months). To try it out, I am offering a limited amount of free 30-minute Nature-connected coaching sessions!

 Transformational life coaching can bridge the gap between where you are NOW, and where you WANT to be! Let nature-connected coaching assist you in your unfolding and growth process. Gain transformational practices in nature that will support you moving forward.

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Be well, be wise, and be connected to Nature!

Mindy Schlimgen


“Thank you Mindy for helping me with my triggers! I really got a lot out of our session, truly, more than my expectation. I am grateful and continue to use the mantra created for me. Thank you for your insights.”Codi Reed

“Mindy is extraordinarily insightful and connected with the world around her. Through her coaching sessions, she brings her clients into that same presence of mind and spirit, leading them to connect better both with themselves and with their own world. A simple hike with Mindy ended up being one of the most grounding, clarifying experiences, and was the push I needed to overcome my own hurdles. I’m encouraged in my own journey, and would recommend Mindy’s awesome coaching services to everyone!”Kimberly Shaffer

Awareness With Nature Practicing Gratitude
Otter in the Kayak, Howard & Mindy, Monterrey Bay, California


For those that have yet to see our incredible encounter with a wild sea otter this past October in Monterey Bay, California, here is the link.

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