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Let’s explore building resilience, forest bathing, intentions & upcoming events!


  • What is Resilience Coaching About?
  • Forest Bathing – Shinrin-yoku…does that require a swimsuit
  • The Power of Strong Intention – Envisioning what you want and feeling it. “What brought a wild otter into my kayak” (VIDEO)
  • NEW OFFER: Small Group Coaching – Forest Bathing & Connections (2-hour)

UPCOMING OFFERS (email Mindy if you want updates)

  • WEEKEND RETREAT: Prescott Women’s Weekend Retreat, “Letting Go – Nature’s Aid to Overcoming Loss & Grief,” January 17-19, 2020
  • ONLINE WORKSHOP: “3 Steps to Building Resilience & Reclaiming Your Life: A Nature-based Approach to Thriving After Divorce” (soon to be released, one-hour)
  • LIVE ONLINE MASTER COURSE: “A Healing Journey from Divorce into Vitality”, small group coaching & learning (released this fall, 6 weekly sessions for 90-minutes each)

Dear Friend,

It is great to reconnect! I’m pleased to return with my monthly newsletter, sharing new events and services that I’ve been working on the past many months. My business, Awareness With Nature (AWN), is on an expansive and exciting growth trajectory. Please join me in this dynamic and somewhat unconventional journey into connections – connections with others, connections with nature, and connection with ourselves.

What is Resilience Coaching?
I’m a certified coach who specializes in building personal resilience. I work with people impacted by all types of adversity, helping them to bounce back so they come away from the experience with more confidence, courage, and vitality. I can help you to reconnect with:

  • your story and your voice, so that you can be self-confident in moving forward with new and important things.
  • your body and your feelings, so that you can hear and follow your internal guidance and intuition.
  • nature’s magical guidance when you decide to notice.
  • your dreams, goals, and purpose along with the freedom to follow them.

What is Forest Bathing (Shinrin-yoku)?
Forest bathing is a slow walk through nature with intentions to slow down, awaken your senses, be present, and heal body and mind. Forest bathing started in 1982 as Shinrin-yoku (in Japan) and is simply the experience of immersing ourselves in nature. Proven health benefits (from medical and neuroscience research) include significant stress reduction, boosted immune function, improved mood, reduced fatigue, increased creativity…among other benefits. Towels are not necessary and clothing is required.

The Power of Emotionally-Charged Intention
I want to share my story of how my life-long enthusiasm for boating and desire to observe wild animals in their home created an unusual and rare event. This intention I felt so strongly, like a charge in my life, and I believe it created the outcome of a wild otter jumping in my sea kayak.

Ok, it sounds weird, but have you ever wanted something so intensely you could feel it in your body by just thinking about it?

Since my youth, I’ve wanted to sea kayak and be with the fish, seals, and otters in the kelp forests off the coast of California. Whenever I’d think about it, I’d get a full-body sensation. The best way to describe this feeling is like energy in my belly that was ready to release at a surprise party with intense excitement. I somehow knew that it would happen for me, but I didn’t know when. In 2017, the opportunity arrived and I jumped on it! Little did I know how my powerful intention would be rewarded with a close-up connection to a young sea otter. I also was amazed by the lucky coincidence of capturing this connection with my waterproof camera! You can see this “Close Encounter of the Otter Kind” video on my YouTube here.

I would love to hear if you too have experienced such a strong intention that it yielded an extraordinary outcome for you.

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Be well, wise, and connected to Nature!

Mindy Schlimgen

Resilience & Nature-based Coach, M.S., ICF-ACC
Founder, Awareness With Nature, LLC
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