Get transformational life coaching power that bridges the gap between where you are NOW, and where you WANT to be!

Gently shift your patterns of struggle, being stuck, and false limitation as you step into your true desires with clear goals, landing confidently at a place of self-empowerment and ease.

Watch Mindy Schlimgen, Certified Coach and Founder of Awareness with Nature, LLC discussing nature-connected life coaching.

Change is a natural process……and can be seen as a self-realignment along our path that leads to a fulfilled life with purpose. It doesn’t have to be difficult or painful. With help from a nature-connected coach, Mindy Schlimgen, it can be playful, rewarding and navigated with ease.

Nature-connecting coaching provides these benefits:

Inspires positive transformation in your life…while pain pushes, inspiration pulls and moves the process in beautiful ways. This professional coaching process will lead you through a ‘ceremony of insight’ on specific issues, while also guiding you through a longer term model of change over multiple sessions. The process is designed for you to have the confidence and tools to meet your desired goals and be self-empowered.

Increases your self-awareness and personal insight…deepening your understanding of what you notice and feel around your own issues, attitudes, behaviors, habits, deeper needs and desired goals.

Gently guides you to self-identify blocks, challenges, and opportunities…clearing out what no longer serves you and opening that door to the world of possibilities you never considered before.

Helps you to reach your authentic life purpose, vision, and goals…taking proactive steps toward your dreams, making them a reality.

Deepens your connection to Nature…for inspiration, guidance, and a co-creating force in your life.

Through coaching, you will establish personalized nature-connected practices that will support your natural process of change and growth, now and in the future.

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Check out the amazing results recent clients have had with Mindy Schlimgen and her transformational, nature-based coaching methodology.

“The coaching session I had with Mindy was transformational. She helped me discover a much healthier approach to addressing a decades-old problem that has caused me much suffering. Not only did I feel vastly better, but others commented on how much calmer I had become. I’m delighted to have had the opportunity to have the session, and will use it to continue working on this and other issues, so as to enjoy a less stressed, happier existence.” – Debra Efyromson (Dhaka, Bangladesh), April 2017

“Mindy’s ability to get right to my deeper need and facilitate an incredibly transformative coaching session was unprecedented. The practical tools we created in that session together several months ago still brings me great comfort, as do the enlightenments I had during our session.” – Kelsey Conger (Boulder, CO), February 2017

“By being in nature and going through the process or steps with Mindy’s guidance, I see how our life is just one piece of nature. When I look at a stream tumbling over a boulder – even the water can turn back on itself before completing the cycle and flowing on. Life is like this – we flow on. I feel positive energy in the air I breathe in nature everywhere.” – Sue Craycraft (Mayer, AZ), April 2017