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I’m a certified nature-based coach specializing in transformational growth, community connections and team building. Through guided discovery, I partner with groups in thought provoking and creative processes that inspire them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

3 Simple Activities in Nature to Boost Your Clarity & Resilience

I’m sharing 3 of my foundational nature-based
practices here to help you start engaging with the natural world.
“The coaching session I had with Mindy was transformational. She helped me discover a much healthier approach to addressing a decades-old problem that has caused me much suffering. Not only did I feel vastly better, but others commented on how much calmer I had become.” – Debra E.
“Mindy walks you through a re-discovery of your senses using nature as your guide. I loved the various ways she taught us to truly feel our surroundings and take deep lessons away that we can then apply to our daily lives. Mindy is a one of a kind coach and I highly recommend her to anybody willing to take a deeper look inside through nature." - Candice L.
“Mindy took me on a memorable forest bathing adventure. With Mindy as my guide, I explored the forest using all of my senses. It was a unique experience and I learned techniques to really helped me feel connected with nature. I highly recommend this experience." - Linda M.
"Mindy guided our session in the forest by helping us experience the forest though all our senses. I opened up to nature in a new way and found that I was calmer and more grounded. Mindy helped increase my love and awareness of nature!" - Teri T.
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