Individual Coaching

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My passion is to guide and support you in living a fulfilled and happy life, using my nature coaching skills. I offer you a safe and supportive space in which to deepen your self-awareness and guide you through the exploration of how you can meet your present needs and reach your desired goals realistically.  Then together we create a long-term approach with reasonable milestones, working together on overcoming challenges and celebrating successful accomplishments to bring you to where you want to be with your goals.

Individual sessions may be conducted in person or virtually.  I have clients all over the world and with the help of technology we connect together and to nature.

Schedule a Complimentary Strategy Coaching Session

Together, we explore what areas of your life you may need help and guidance with and whether resiliency coaching and my skills are a good match! If you would like to find out if one-on-one coaching is something for you schedule a strategy session - click the button to the right

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“Mindy’s presence, skillful guidance, and awareness allowed me to fully immerse myself in nature while receiving a transformational experience that brought forth a deep, meaningful metaphor in my life. Her patience and willingness to give it her all while holding a beautiful container helped me receive what I was looking for.”- Pete B.

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"Mindy's methodology and philosophy as a coach is one of a kind! She provides a beautiful space to really hone in on your true self and what you want in life. During our coaching session, she was able to cut through my "story" and get to the core meaning that I needed. I appreciate how she kept me grounded during the session. As a result, I feel more empowered and confident in who I am and what I want in my life." - Malia M.

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"Mindy has that rare ability to listen, and the expertise to walk you through life's journey along the positive pathway. Her individualized lessons and coaching has changed my life. Wish I had this 45 years ago! I feel positive energy in the air I breathe in nature everywhere.” - Sue C.

"Mindy is a warm, natural, quietly inspiring coach. She is an active listener who cuts through to the heart of the matter using intuition, creativity, curiosity, and compassion. I felt more balanced just hearing Mindy's voice with her calm, healing manner and amazing ability to exhibit endless empathy. My life leapt forward and changed for the better with the help of Mindy's masterful coaching skills. Thank you Mindy!" - Kathleen D.

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“I was drawn to Mindy's “nature-based coaching”. Since we work several hundred miles away from each other, we eased into virtual nature-based coaching sessions. This helped me slow down and regain the needed personal level of clarity and intuition. I further found her to be an exceptional listener. Mindy not only heard what I said, she helped pull out what I really thought and felt about something." -Otan P.

"10-star rating! Mindy walks you through a re-discovery of your senses using nature as your guide. I loved the various ways she taught us to truly feel our surroundings and take deep lessons away that we can then apply to our daily lives. Loved, loved, loved it! Mindy is a one of a kind coach and I highly recommend her to anybody willing to take a deeper look inside through nature." - Candice L. 

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“Mindy’s ability to get right to my deeper need and facilitate an incredibly transformative coaching session was unprecedented. The practical tools we created in that session together several months ago still brings me great comfort, as do the enlightenments I had during our session.” - Kelsey C.

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"I made the trek to Prescott to experience a Nature-Based coaching session with Mindy. It was value packed and insightful. Mindy has a process that unfolded beautifully. I experienced a major shift in perspective on an issue that has been dogging me for years. Whew! I feel freedom and committed because Mindy stuck to her process. Highly recommend any City Slickers (like me) take the time to experience nature with Mindy." - Connie K.

Resilience Coaching Sessions are tailored to your own needs.

  • Schedule them to fit your needs with 1, 3, and 6-month programs available.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly sessions that are virtual or in-person.
  • Each session is 60-120 minutes*, offering you the opportunity to deepen into new personal insights around your challenges and/or concerns that are present in your life (*depending on your coaching package).
  • You will be invited to take it to the next level and work with nature, where you playfully explore your expanded options for change that will bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.
  • If logistically possible and you are comfortable – we can include time in nature as part of our session (allow up to 120 minutes for outdoor sessions).
  • Sessions can be in-person, via video-conferencing and/or phone.