Is it time for you to connect with yourself and with nature?

Change is a natural process……and can be seen as a self-realignment along our path that leads to a fulfilled life with purpose. It doesn’t have to be difficult or painful.

Get transformational life coaching power that bridges the gap between where you are NOW, and where you WANT to be!

Gently shift your patterns of struggle, being stuck, and false limitation as you step into your true desires with clear goals, landing confidently at a place of self-empowerment and ease.

Nature-connecting coaching provides these benefits:

  • Inspires positive transformation in your life
  • Increases your self-awareness and personal insight
  • Gently guides you to self-identify blocks, challenges, and opportunities
  • Helps you to reach your authentic life purpose, vision, and goals
  • Deepens your connection to Nature

Through coaching, you will establish personalized nature-connected practices that will support your natural process of change and growth, now and in the future.

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With help from a nature-connected coach, Mindy Schlimgen, it can be playful, rewarding and navigated with ease. Let’s explore if we are a good fit to work together!