Resilience Coaching

If you recognize a gap between where you are now and where you want to be…then Resilience Coaching may be for you!

Resilience Coaching includes…

  • Professional personal coaching tools that deepen your self-awareness; such as asking quality questions (the one’s you rarely ask yourself), deep listening and attunement that validates your internal experience.
  • Gentle guidance in the process of change, following direction and deeper self-identified needs.

Resilience Coaching can also include a Nature-Based component...

  • Acknowledgment that you all are part of nature, including your natural process of growth and change.
  • Transformational techniques that invite nature’s participation into your personal process of change, directly and metaphorically – providing you personal insights, direction, and validation.
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Gently shift your patterns of struggle, being stuck, and false limitation as you step into your true desires with clear goals, landing confidently at a place of self-empowerment and ease.

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Who is Resilience Coaching Through Nature for?

Anyone that is feeling the following pains:

  • Unfulfilled, unclear and unfocused
  • Feeling stuck and unable to change unwanted circumstances
  • Feeling that your life is difficult and knowing that it should be easier
  • Yearning for purpose in your life
  • Sensing an unbalance in your life
  • Wanting a career or job change but feeling fearful to pursue it
  • Experiencing disconnection from loving and supportive relationships
  • Feeling a lack of confidence or low self-esteem
  • Stressed, frustrated or angry
  • Lacking self-care or optimum health

Resilience Coaching is for leaders like you, in transition and wanting support to express and share your gifts. It is for both men and women who intuitively know that nature can heal, providing inspiration and guidance.

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Where is it done?

Resilience Coaching can be done with our without the Nature-Based component.

For Nature-Based Resilience, Coaching, it can be done in person anywhere; in a park, in a wilderness area, in your backyard or even by your bedside with a houseplant.

Sessions can also be by phone or video conferencing - using creative ways that invite nature into your life.

It is about connecting you with nature as you contemplate and navigate shifts in your perceptions, attitudes and decisions to improve your life.

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