If you recognize a gap between where you are now and where you want to be…then Nature Coaching is for you!

Awareness with Nature offers the following services:

Individual Life Coaching with Nature (One-on-One)

Group Coaching with Nature (Personal and Professional)

Transformational Nature-connected Retreats

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Individual Life Coaching with Nature (One-on-One)

My passion is to guide and support you in living a fulfilled and happy life, using my nature coaching skills. I offer you a safe and supportive space in which to deepen your self-awareness and guide you through the exploration of how you can meet your present needs and reach your desired goals realistically. Then together we create a long-term approach with reasonable milestones, working together on overcoming challenges and celebrating successful accomplishments to bring you to where you want to be with your goals. If you are interested in Mindy’s exclusive ‘Nature’s Gift’ six-month package or an individual coaching session package, email awarenesswithnature@gmail.com for application process and interview.

Is it time for you to connect with yourself and with nature?

Together, we explore what areas of your life you may need help and guidance with and whether nature-connected coaching and my skills are a good match! If you would like to find out if one-on-one coaching is something for you, sign up for a Break through session (act now – limited availability)!

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Group Coaching with Nature (Personal and Professional)

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Transformational nature-connected retreats for women:

“Nurturing Your Authentic Self & Your Nature-Connection”

Six-Day Retreat along Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona, Arizona, Spring 2019! Learn more.