Meet Mindy - Resilience Coach Who's Grounded in Nature

I am Mindy Schlimgen, certified nature-connected Life Coach, connector, active listener, nature-lover, mother, powerful questioner, awareness builder, courageous explorer, environmental scientist and advocate, community builder, facilitator, collaborator, and idea generator.

My passion is to guide and support you in living a fulfilled and happy life. I offer you a safe and supportive space in which to deepen your self-awareness and guide you through the exploration of how you can meet your present needs and reach your desires realistically.

Only when my limiting beliefs and attitudes shifted – did my life become a meaningful and expansive adventure.

My life drastically changed after I adopted my special needs daughter at the age of eight. Prior to that, I had spent 20 years studying and working as an environmental scientist and advocate (including 2-years in the Peace Corps in Central America). Then I completely changed my career direction and took a position as a grant writer for an Indian tribe. This allowed me to act as a behavioral and mental health advocate for my daughter while navigating a difficult divorce and becoming a single parent.

As a result of pouring my focus and efforts into simply surviving as a single parent – I had lost my connection to my purpose. I was very stuck! Feeling miserable and overwhelmed, I remember telling myself limiting beliefs like ‘it is too late to change’, and ‘my window of opportunity has closed’, and that ‘change is not an option’.

Despite this, I gave myself permission to stop, and to deeply and actively discover everywhere I could what my purpose was now. I finally arrived at a critical realization… it was my choice to stay stuck! Once I embraced this concept down to my deepest core, I then actively decided to make different choices.

When my limiting beliefs and attitudes shifted – so too did my quality of life and world around me shift.

I started exploring careers that might stir my passion for connecting with others and with our natural world. I researched, interviewed and worked ‘dream jobs’, trying them on like new shoes, tapping into how I felt wearing each pair. Everything fell into place the day I found a training program for nature-connected coaching. Two days later I jumped in my Jeep and drove to Colorado for my first 10-days of outdoor coaching classes – and I have not looked back since! Today I am a certified Nature-connected Coach with 315 hours of certified training. I work with clients by actively using and promoting nature-connected practices.

Coaching sessions can be in-person and globally via phone or video conferencing.


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