What is an ‘AWN’ of nature?

Botanically speaking – an ‘AWN’ is a straight bristly part attached to the seed of many growing grasses, including wheat. Some awns function to help propel and bury the grass seed into the soil, in fact supporting the germination and growth of the grass. In other words, an awn serves to help self-cultivate the seed – much like Awareness With Nature serves to help you cultivate and grow to your full potential.

pixabay awns on wheat

Awareness with Nature, LLC (AWN) was created in early 2017 to raise awareness and support our human connections and our connection with nature.

Our deep, personal self-discovery can be guided in connection with nature.

3 Simple Activities in Nature to Boost Your Clarity & Resilience

I’m sharing 3 of my foundational nature-based
practices here to help you start engaging with the natural world.

AWN’s Vision is to connect you:

  • to yourself,
  • in relationship with others,
  • and with nature.

This includes transformational growth of self, community connections (local and global), and the realization that we as humans are an intricate and important aspect of nature.

AWN’s Mission:

To positively impact and strengthen connections among people, their communities, and nature, inspiring caring attitudes and responsible actions for our collective future on this incredible Earth.