Have you been impacted by a divorce?

I’m a certified coach who specializes in personal resilience. I help professional women impacted by divorce to bounce back from adversity so they come away from the experience with more confidence, courage and a renewed sense of vitality!

Download 5 Steps to Realign & Renew Your Life After Divorce

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Do you need clarity or a refreshed meaning in your life?

The impacts of divorce can leave you feeling defeated and even damaged.

Having been through a divorce myself I empathize with the impacts divorce brings. As a professional coach, I’m able to walk with you as you find your new direction in your life’s journey.

What if you regained your confidence, felt a sense of calm groundedness, and began to thrive in your life?

It’s time to stop feeling broken and disengaged in your life.

I’ll be your guide through the fog of divorce to emerge a stronger and happier you!

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